sobota, 16 października 2010

Christin Godal

"Yes, we like Christin a lot, and that's why we would like to introduce her here today. She's fresh in modeling, has a dollish look, and she has special features in front of the camera. All these factors have caught our eyes. Well, Christin is from the United States and she's with Wilhelmina Models. Christin has an endless silhouette of 5'11 (180m. 82-60-89). In addition, she has a lovely face with interesting facial expressions. Christin is in our eyes a girl, who's able to build a great future in the modeling industry, with Wilhemina Models. Make sure to have a look on Christin's single pictures."


I love her either! Can't wait to hear sth more about her person and to see some photos!

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