piątek, 25 lutego 2011


1. Dress comfortable!! Even if you look amazing and fashionable but you don't feel comfortable in it this party will be horrible for you..
2. Don't be afraid to mix-up everything! Of course simplicity is the key! But why not to mix 2 diffrent bikinis?
3. Make-up - no- make-up! Well.. If you don't wanna look like a zombie you'd better use waterproof cosmetics! The full make-up is not demanded!! It's beter to look fresh and natural than looking like a kelpie in sauna
4. If you don't have any any any ideas - dress simple black bikini, than you will find some special accesories!
5. The most glamour costumes looks like this one on Serena:

6. Mix up party clothes with summer ones!
7. Remember: the most important is the first impression!! Look perfect only during first hours - later water and hot atmosphere in sauna won't let you be a perfect girl!
8. The best thing you can dress on your bikini is an overall! Always glamour and easy to style!
9. WHITE is the new black of ss2011 so why not to use it?
10. High-heels will be probably use only for the first impression - why not to wear them?

And that's the choice from my wardrobe:

And now other inspirations:

See you on the party!! 4.03!!


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