piątek, 15 kwietnia 2011

Muffinki | Muffins

What is it?
Those sweet, tasty looking Muffins are brooches! 

Who invented them?
Justyna Cyganik - she is a young (21 years old) designer.She studies clothes designing in Cracow, Poland. The first Muffin she intevtend was the one only for her, just wear her and express herself. Then some people were asking her where she bought those funny brooch and the started to oreder them in mass so she decided to make them more.

Where or How can get them?
Soon you will be able to buy Muffins in Zupashop, Wroclaw.
If you are not from Wroclaw write a mail: chcemuffinki@gmail.com

Now why not to follow Muffins on facebook? Soon more and more projects!



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