wtorek, 4 stycznia 2011

Edie inspires for Carnival

She's been inspiring me since my first year in high school. 4 years later and I'm still in love with her! The best inspiration of Andy Warhol, Bob Dylan.. yes it's Edie Sedgwick! so take a look at her 60's 70's style loads of jewelry, simple clothes, black eyes and chic! And don't forget about black tights! It was must have of Edie's wardrobe!

Cosmetics I advice you to use have been already tested by me! So don't worry they'll be ideal for all you who wanna inspire with Edie make-up.


PS. Soon I'm going to sell some of my clothes so beware!

PSedit: Guys! I've just realized that the friend of mine - Paula Dźwigała is the best person in Warsaw who will make you up like Edie! She is the master of make-up during Polish Fashion Week and soon the whole post bout her new interesting project! Poppy Shop!! The best place you can get a new make-up learn how to do it yourself at home, chill and so one! 

Paula's Website

!soon the whole project and special interview!

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  1. i always wanna do my makeup like her but somethow ends up all crappy hahah

  2. http://www.cbc.ca/arts/images/arts_factory_girl_392.jpg za te kolczyki