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Gustavo Lins 015

"Forty-five year old Gustavo Lins studied to be an architect in his native Brazil. He would be designing dwellings today if his professor hadn't asked him to reconsider which materials he'd rather be working with - glass and steel or linen and silk?

Lins' vocabulary is still that of an architect or a sculptor. He describes the upside-down, stitched "T" that shapes the elbows and shoulders and his jackets and the knees of his trouses as the pilier and the poutre of his clothes, and says that women particularly like the drapé of his dresses. "J'ai vraiment le sentiment d'exprimer l'esprit de l'architecture à travers le vêtement," he says. "A distance, c'est un objet; porté, ça devient une espace. Je le construit, mais c'est la personne avec son esprit et son intelligence et sa personnalité qui l'occupe!" "

source: http://www.gustavolins.com
photos are the screens and bio is also from Gustavo Lins' website

I'm in love in those constructions! The best (in my opinion) is the men's outfit in the left down corner.

And your opinion?


PS. remeber bout the contest, I'm still waiting!

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