piątek, 8 sierpnia 2014

Insta Sommer

Switzerland's sunset

Dish the name I can't spell.  Knasknopfle Garfrenga... Made of cheese mostly. I like it :)

Insel Mainau.. Beautifull place I will remeber forever!


Insel Mainau

Colorfull money which surprised me with the look of  fake money from the childhood.

Coffee and cakes served by pleasant waiter from the Ukraine.

Yoga 4 all in Hohenems:) Thank you.

Local market in Hohenems. I recomend it.

Festival Origano, Dornbirn.

Almdudler party ;)




Insel Lindau

Insel Lindau Germany.


Liechtenstein with its famous post stamps.

New cup for drinking espresso which was found on flohmark.

Rabbit in the city centre of Konstanz.


Elle Polska & breakfast

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